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This Week in Dart - Issue 15

Hello fellow Dartisans! Welcome to the fifteenth issue of This Week in Dart! This Week in Dart's aim is to be a useful collection of changes and news from across the Dart ecosystem and its surrounding community.

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This week saw the release of Dart 2.18.4, a patch release with the following fixes and improvements:

To learn how to update your Dart version, check out Get the Dart SDK or download the update from the Dart SDK archive.

Breaking changes

A breaking change request has also been made this week and is open for review and feedback:

Head to the linked issue to learn more about the potential breaking change, the reasoning behind it, its impact, and potential mitigations. Feel free to leave comments or concerns.

Generally the Dart team strives to not make breaking changes, and to preserve compatibility of all Dart programs across stable Dart SDK releases, but sometimes breaking changes are needed or justified. To learn more about this process, see Dart SDK breaking change process.

Community updates



Learning materials

Project releases

Project updates

Dart SDK updates

38 unique authors have contributed 142 commits to the Dart SDK in the past week.

The following are some handpicked, interesting changes:

Keep in mind, none of these changes are guaranteed to eventually land in a stable release.

Language updates and discussion

View classes have not seen as much excitement around them as records and patterns, but work on the specification continues.

View classes can provide a replacement of the members available on instances of existing types, where the available members are determined by the static type. These can act as "zero-cost abstractions", not requiring a wrapping object.

This week saw a question about the potential of supporting simple union types through views. To learn more and comment, see language issue #2603.

To learn more about views, see the Views feature specification and to contribute to the surrounding discussion check out issues with the Views tag.

To learn more about and contribute to discussion of these and other potential changes to the Dart language, visit the Dart language repository.

Package of the week

The package of the week is dart_code_metrics!

package:dart_code_metrics is a static analysis tool that helps you analyse and improve your code quality, expanding on the basis provided by Dart's analyzer and linter!

It highlights a few core use cases:

As development teams and projects get larger, it's useful to follow best practices, keep your code consistent, and avoid outdated, unnecessary, or unused code. Dart Code Metrics can help you achieve that, potentially increasing developer velocity on your project or even helping you avoid potential issues!

Their team is open to feedback and community contributions and are a great example of the Dart community pushing development with Dart forward for everyone.

To learn more about package:dart_code_metrics and how to use it, see its page on the site and its extensive documentation.

Dart's package ecosystem is growing fast, and we want to help foster that growth. If you know of any great open source projects, let us know by suggesting a package on GitHub discussions.

Upcoming events

Check the Flutter Meetup Network and the Dart Language tag on Meetup to find an event near you or online and connect with other Dart developers!

Let us know about other future events on the events discussion board.

Quotes and notes

Share quotes and comments you see and hear about Dart on our quotes discussion board for future inclusion!

Don't forget about Dart for building web apps! Compilation to wasm and improved JS-interop are both progressing well so Dart's web story is only going to keep improving!

—@parlough on This Week in Dart

Dart jobs

If you know of any jobs which use or are related to Dart, let us know in the Job postings for Dart discussion board, and we will be happy to include them here!